Rigging Artist – Best & Bester


From February 2021

Gigglebug Entertainment is recruiting a Toonboom Harmony Rigging Artist for the production of Best & Bester. The 52 x 11′ animated comedy is for kids 6-9 and their families. The show combines a stand out design style, lots of expressive characters and absurd comedy. We’re looking for an experienced riggers who can deliver weekly episodic rigs for characters and props. Qualities we especially look for are: knowledge on Toonboom Harmony, excellent draftsmanship skills, skills at finding creative solutions, the ability to work collaboratively as part of a team, taking direction, notes and revisions accordingly and the ability to work under schedules and deadlines. 

At the Gigglebug Studio, you would be part of a friendly and tightly knit team, working in close collaboration with the art director and the rest of the asset team.

For applicants not currently living in Finland, Gigglebug will help to re-locate to Helsinki.

Please send enquiries, and portfolios to: martti@gigglebug.tv