Compositing Supervisor – Tom and Jerry Time!

Join us for Tom and Jerry Time!

This is the kind of classic cartoon stuff that only comes along every so often and we are thrilled about starting production. Tom & Jerry Time is the first preschool outing for the iconic cat and mouse duo.

The hand drawn, non-dialogue format for Warner Bros Animation calls for an expansion to our team – cartoon lovers, come join us!

The role of Compositing Supervisor is primarily based in Gigglebug’s studio in Helsinki, Finland. Applicants who are ready to relocate to Helsinki, will be prioritised.

All applicants must be proficient in Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe After Effect and Premiere.

Purpose of the role
The role of Compositing Supervisor entails working together with the Art Director, Editor and Animation Director in translating the script and the director’s vision into a polished final work.


  • Supervise the compositing team in all creative efforts to ensure that the style established is followed and maintained throughout the production. 
  • Apply compositing treatments and follow the creative guidelines established by the Director and Artistic Director. 
  • Actively promote and communicate safe solutions to technical and creative issues related to compositing. 
  • Help participate in creating the production technical requirements and make sure precedent departments have the technical requirements from your team 
  • Maintain and communicate a strong knowledge of innovative compositing features used in ToonBoom 
  • Meets project deadlines set by the production department


  • Strong knowledge of Toonboom Harmony software and all compositing nodes 
  • Must have 1-2 years of similar experience on Harmony production (cut-out or traditional animation style) 
  • Strong knowledge of 2D animation principles 
  • Additional scripting skills in Harmony is an asset
  • Love for cartoons

Application period:
Apply now!

Contract time period:
1.5-3 years. Starting in November 2022

Helsinki, Finland

Does this adventure call to you?
You can apply by sending your cover letter and portfolio to us as soon as possible.

Please note that we will start interviews for these positions as soon as possible. So please act quickly to start your new adventure with us in the Nordics!

Why Gigglebug?
We are a fast-growing, 100+ deep band of animation people, enthusiasts, and visionaries from around the world, brought together to inject positivity and creativity to the world of kid’s content. Our agile animation studio is located in the Heart of Helsinki, Finland. This is our atelier. Home of the Gigglebug. Hotbed of fun. And a safe space for stand out creativity.

Our mindset, values and work ethic translate to creativity, honesty, equality and high quality. In short: Nordic playfulness. As humans, we look for purpose in our work. Our purpose is to contribute to making the world a better place – by spreading laughter and joy.

Why Nordics?
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Future Workplaces certificate is granted to workplaces that are characterized by boldness, passion and human values. It is awarded to companies that have succeeded in creating an exceptionally positive employee experience.

The employee experience in Gigglebug was evaluated in April 2022 based on a Siqni survey sent to all the employees. On the basis of the survey, Siqni has granted Gigglebug a Future Workplaces certificate.