Our team

Who exactly is Gigglebug? The people, the talent and the team. Scroll down, and meet the whole gang.

Anttu Harlin

CEO, co-founder

Joonas Utti

Creative Director, co-founder

Beth Parker

Managing Director

Linnea Karlsson-Autio

Chief Financial Officer

Lucy Pryke

Creative Producer

Salla Tariau

People Operations

Janne Hermanni Korsumäki

Production Designer

Jean-Michel Boesch

Director / Art Director / Storyboard Supervisor

Suvi Väkeväinen

Line Producer

Naima Vogt

Line Producer

Kaino Härtsiä

Production Coordinator

Kelsey Briding

Production Coordinator

Mika Koskinen

Assistant Production Manager

Saila Sirkiä

Studio Manager

Martti Sirkkola

IT Coordinator

Aino Valkama

Financial Controller

Elena Najar

Lead Animator

Jasmi Ritola

Assistant Director / Animator

Larissa Meyer

Rig Supervisor

Kerttu Jaatinen


Ville Westerlund

Editor / Compositing Artist

Leena Lecklin

Storyboard Artist

Tozani Carbajal Cuevas

Layout Supervisor

Juan Pedro Alcaide

Storyboard Supervisor

Vitor Alves

Rig Artist

Lisa Baillon

Layout and Background Artist

Marion Benkaid-Kesba

Storyboard Artist

Guy Charnaux


Matheus De Souza

Rig Artist

Fernando Dos Santos Junior

Pose Artist

Said Omar Eshaq

Character Designer

Camille Fruit

Background Artist

Céline Giot

Storyboard Artist

Morgan Hervet

Layout Artist

Seán Hogan

Storyboard Artist

Aniko Kiss

Layout & Background artist

Aleksi Klemetti

Rig Artist / Animator

Hanna Koivumäki


Elin Mattsson

Production Assistant

Verna Pentti

Layout Artist

Kaisa Pirttinen


Aliisa Pulkkinen

Layout & BG Coordinator

Henna Sarajärvi

Production Assistant

Chloe Vegas

Production Assistant

Rayanne Vieira

Background Supervisor

Friends, aka clients and partners

A creative, trustworthy, values-driven and no-bs production house and business partner for the most progressive kids content companies in the world. That would be us.