This is Gigglebug

Gigglebug is all about character. Our characters and stories are authentic, honest, deeply humane and seriously funny. Whether creating brand new IPs or helping others turn their ideas into animation, we apply that same care.

We want to create long lasting memories that kids will cherish throughout their lives and share with their parents, friends, and later their own children. In short: next generation joy.

Joy that builds character.

The most important thing in our work is to spread joy. Joy runs deeper than fun. It is more inclusive than humour. We believe that joy is an emotion that engaging stories and relatable characters can cultivate.

Our work is inspired by the emotional learning goals in the Finnish early education curriculum (a country known for topping both PISA-charts and the UN Happiest country index) and we develop content in dialogue with pedagogical experts.


Meet Anttu and Joonas, the founders of Gigglebug. With 15 years of experience in the animation IP industry, we are here to inject Nordic positivity and creativity to the world of kids content.


A creative, trustworthy, values-driven and no-bs production house and business partner for the most progressive kids content companies in the world. That would be us.


We use our characters, stories and ideas to inspire kids, fun-seekers—and your business. We are notorious for being on-time and on-budget, transforming original ideas into great concepts. This makes us hyper-proud.


The atelier. The hub. Home of the Giggle. Hotbed of fun. And a safe space for standout creativity. Our agile animation studio of story artists, designers, animators, producers and digital marketing specialists sits in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. To quote a famous thinker: This is where the magic happens.


We bring together world-class development and animation production expertise to spark productions to life.

That’s showrunning skillsets in concept development, storyboarding, animatics, art direction, pre-production, character design, 2D animation, compositing, voice direction, sound, music, mix, and quality control.

And executive producer knowhow in packaging, pipeline and financing.

Why Nordics?

The Nordic talent pool runs rich with top-end graduates from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The region also benefits from a 25% tax-incentive for animation production, effects of which are multiplied by fast, transparent and efficient governance.


Calling all creative visionaries! Ready to leave a mark on the world?

Gigglebug is now looking for for these folks in particular: