Characteristically positive

We are Gigglebug

We are a fast-growing, 100+ deep band of animation people, enthusiasts, and visionaries from around the world, brought together to inject positivity and creativity to the world of kids content.

Our agile animation studio of story artists, designers, animators, directors, and producers sits in the Heart of Helsinki Finland. This is our atelier. The hub. Home of the Gigglebug. Hotbed of fun. And a safe space for stand out creativity.

Best Work

We create, develop and produce original IPs and provide animation services for digital platforms and television broadcast around the world. We bring together world-class development and animation production expertise to spark productions to life.

We apply a show-runner mindset to put meticulous care into high quality content. And we apply executive producer knowhow in packaging, pipeline and financing. On time. On budget. On target. Always.

Best Life

For top talent, the world is open. Our people often get asked why settle in Helsinki, in the far-far-ends of the Northern Europe? Good question, easy answer. It’s a win-win-win situation: world-class projects; a warm, supportive culture; and all the benefits of the Finnish society. (read: trustworthy people, stable governance, inclusive values, tons of nature, healthy work-life balance, free and high-quality schools and daycares, social and healthcare benefits… the list of nice things is abundant). We believe in living the best life and making the best work.

I like that I do not have to wear a suit to work. And I love selecting cheesy music for the lounge.

Anttu Harlin, CEO, co-founder, a Helsinki local

Finland is a gorgeous country, with wonderful food, nature, people, and of course, SAUNA! I’ve learned so much from the amazing team and I’m really pleased with the work we created.

Sean Hogan, Storyboard Artist, re-located from Ireland

I love the sense of community within the studio and how trips and fun things are scheduled often for everyone to do together. And it’s cool that you can wear slippers or fluffy socks in the studio and not be judged!

Amy Lewis, Background Supervisor, commuting from UK

They say love shouldn’t be just skin deep, but I have booked an appointment to have the gigglebug logo tattooed on my face just in case it’s ever in doubt

Bianca Ansems, Storyboard Supervisor / Episode Director, re-located from UK

I made amazing new friends. I got to know a beautiful country, I fell in love with Finland and the gentle way that Finns are.

Day Kazuh, Rig Artist, re-located from Brazil

I love our office dogs (and yeah you humans as well)

Suvi Väkeväinen, Line Producer, a Helsinki Local

I love coming into work everyday and hearing a bunch of different accents and languages from around the world. And I love that we’re encouraged to grow and explore.

Kelsey Briding, Production Coordinator, re-located from USA

Gigglebug is full of creativity and good coffee perfume in the air. I’ve been challenged like never before as an artist and received so much in return.

Romain Beuriot, Storyboard Artist, re-located from Belgium

Gigglebug is all about character

What do we all have in common? That each one of us is a unique individual with a unique story. We want to be part of creating characterful stories and long lasting memories that kids will cherish throughout their lives and share with their parents, friends, and later their own children. In short: next generation joy.

Our work is inspired by the emotional learning goals in the Finnish early education curriculum (a country known for topping both PISA-charts and the UN Happiest country index, yay) and we develop original content in dialogue with pedagogical experts.

Why Nordics?

The local talent pool runs rich with top-end graduates from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The region also draws talent from all over the world thanks to agile re-locating and on-boarding processes.

Furthermore, animation productions here benefit from a 25% tax-rebate, effects of which are multiplied by the fast, transparent and efficient governance.

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